PERFORMANCE // 2004   Dialogue Meeting, Yoko Ono (Gran Theater, Aarhus) / 2001   Dialogue Meeting, Yoko Ono (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)

Yoko Ono & Lars Schwander (Gran Theater, Aarhus/Denmark 2004 © Hans Oldau Krull)


Yoko Ono w/Lars Schwander, lecture Brown Auditorium, July 14 (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston, Texas 2001)


THEATER // 2016   “A piece of Love”, theatre/movie monologue for a woman. An erotic play about femininity, love, sex and loss. A monologue for the woman and the author’s relationship – and love – for her (manuscript)

A Piece of Love – a manuscript (Marie Mailand by © Anton Perich, New York)


FILM // 2016   “The Berlin Elegie”, movie about two women – a lady and a maid – and their meeting in Berlin. They share dreams as they move through the city. They do not know each other pretty well, but they feel that they have a common destiny. A film about friendship and domination (synopsis)

Katja Bienert
Marie Mailand by © Lars Schwander


FILM // 1985   “Le Jour (The Day)”, video by Tove Kurtzweil & Lars Schwander (Ikonproduktion) 12 min., pal, mono. Featuring the poets Michael Strunge and Inge Nielsen. Music Lars Schwander and Per Reinholdt Nielsen

The Day – a video (Michael Strunge, screen-jump by © Lars Schwander, 1985)