Subject specialist in photography, writer, photographer, composer and collector


M.A. in Nordic Philology & Film Science, University of Copenhagen
Founder and director of Institute of Photography (Cph)
Founder and former director of Photographic Center (Cph)
Former photographic curator, Louisiana, MoMA (Denmark)
Represented in Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon (Who’s Who, Danish Art)
Represented in Kraks blaa Bog since 2011 (Who’s Who, Denmark)
Member of AICA, Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art
Member of the board, The Finnish Cultural Institute (Foundation) (Cph)

Honors & Awards

08 Chevalier de l’ordre des arts et des letters (French Ministry of Culture)


14- Consultant, Bruun-Rasmussens Auctions (Cph)
11- Founder of Institute of Photography
08 Nuit de l’Europe, Festival d’Arles (Arles, France)
07 Jury, International Color Awards (London/Beverly Hills, California)
07- Nomination group, Infinity Awards 2007 (ICP/Getty Foundation, New York)
07-09 Jury, Hasselblad Award (Gothenburg, Sweden),
06 Jury, Prix BMW (Paris Photo, Paris)
06-07 Artistic adviser, Hasselblad Center (Gothenburg)
05-10 Jury, Fogtdals Prize for Photographers (Cph)
04- Nomination Group, Deutche Börse Prize (Photographer’s Gallery, London)
01_Board member, The Finnish Cultural Institute (foundation) (Cph)
01-02 Consultant, Bruun-Rasmussens Auctions (Cph)
99-04 Curator for photography, Louisiana, MoMA (Denmark)
96-11 Founder and director of Photographic Center (Cph)
94-96 Photographic coordinator, Cph 96, Cultural City of the Year (Cph)
94-96 Jury member for the arts, Cph 96, Cultural City of the Year (Cph)
94-94 Ass. 1. Librarian, Dept. of photographs, The Royal Library (Cph)
92-94 Subject specialist, Dept. of photographs, The Royal Library (Cph)
90-92 Publisher and editer-in-chief, Copyright Art Magazine (Cph)
89-90 Dept. of photographs, The Royal (Cph)
87-93 Publisher and editor, Lundtofte Publishing (Denmark)
86-88 Press secretary, The Art Hall and Museum of Photographic Arts (Denmark)
82-84 Member of the editorial group of the Magazine Sidegaden (Cph)